September 29, 2009

Would you believe this is what Jackson ate for dinner tonight? Well, you should! And, there were no complaints! He even enjoyed the spinach so much that he requested more. I am thrilled!



September 24, 2009

Night falls, as do his eyes
I sit with him in this dark filled room
He is cradled in my arm
I stay with him and think of now
Now I will always cherish
Now I will always remember
Now makes life beautiful
Now I love you

Up To My Ears

September 23, 2009

I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks with orders, Jackson starting school, and the normal stuff that goes with parenting and home owning. Knitting leg warmers is what’s on my To Do list, and as these things get checked off of the list I get paid. So, I am trying to make knitting a “top” priority. Top meaning it falls after running after a crawling baby that is putting everything in his mouth, after sitting and helping Jackson with his new workbook, after meals are made and the kitchen is clean, BUT before so many other things. Knitting comes before painting my toe nails and mowing the yard. Pretty easy considering I never paint my toes. As for the grass … I’m pretty sure that is normally kicked off of the list and replaced with going to the park. So, unfortunately, the leg warmer output is slow going, but assuredly quality.

P.S. I made a cute little skirt for my friend’s daughter. She is now 1 year old!

The Best Day Ever

September 18, 2009

This morning Jackson started up his beautiful and LOUD singing voice while I was making breakfast. He was singing a song that has one line repeated over and over to infinity. He picked it up from a Spongebob episode. The wonderful line of this song is, “It’s the best day e-e-eve-e-e-er!”. So I asked Jackson what he would do on his “best day ever”. His response:

“I would go to Happy Hollow Park. I would go grocery shopping. I would feed Archer a bottle. And, I would give Archer high fives.”

Jack & Arch

September 17, 2009

Here are some recent pictures. Enjoy!


September 16, 2009

There has been an awful lot of change and growing up going on at our house, lately. Jackson is now 4 (!) and starting pre-school soon. Despite our decision to start looking for a place as school is starting, we were still lucky enough to find a good pre-school program with one spot available. Once again, I must do ALL things at the last minute.

AND, we now have a 7 month old that is sitting up, crawling, and standing with support. So far I’ve had a hard time taking my eyes off this beautiful baby, and now I have many more reasons why I shouldn’t avert my eyes from him. I really don’t like the sound of Archer hitting the floor, SILENCE, and then an enormous cry. So, I’m always on my toes ready for the catch. Needless to say, I’m much busier.

Another (exciting for me, maybe not for you) milestone that we have reached is breastfeeding for 7 months. I really wasn’t sure how nursing would go with Archer after having a very short and frustrating time with Jackson. I also was not sure how much I would want to breastfeed. It’s quite the responsibility. It turns out I love breastfeeding and it has made so many things much easier. Archer is tired and fussy, he nurses and calms down. Archer gets hurt, he nurses and calms down. Archer is upset that we are going on yet another car ride, he nurses and calms down. It’s amazing how truly handy breastfeeding is!

And by the way, no, Archer is not like your average baby that will fall asleep in the car. He despises the car at certain times of the day. He dislikes it so much that he will cry and cry and cry AND CRY until the situation is compromised by him not riding in that horrible car seat. So, we take many breaks on long trips, and try to avoid car rides of the late evening.

In summary, life is moving quickly and we are having a fabulous time.

Dear Jackson

September 14, 2009

4 years ago I was given the gift of a happy and healthy baby boy. He introduced me to motherhood and a new kind of love that I am grateful to now know. He gave my life a direction and a solid purpose. He gave John and me a family.

Jackson is an overflowing blessing. From the moment we found he would be joining us, he has brought nothing but wonderful things with him. He has brought an abundance of joy to us. I’m not sure where I would be without him.

Thank you, Jackson for being you. Thank you for all the love you give to everyone you meet. Thank you!

Happy Birthday, my beautiful boy.






September 9, 2009

Archer skipped ALL of his naps today! It’s okay, though, because he went to bed much earlier than usual. This is a first for him to stay in bed from an early hour. I was actually able to put a big dent in an order for some baby leg warmers. One and a half down, two and a half to go!

Also, Jackson knows when to use “mouse” and “mice”. He is so smart! Lately, we have been encouraging his story telling. He has a little box that he pulls out to stand on for his “showtime”. He’ll sings songs, talk about fighting super heroes, and now, he tells stories. I love it.

I got ahead of myself with this commitment to post every day. Maybe daily is a bit excessive; weekly posting of my boys is a more attainable goal. I barely have time to get a shower in on some days, so the idea that I will have time to sit down to write is a long shot.

Case in point: I am now finishing this post 4 hours after I started due to a certain napping baby that awoke to a pillow beside him instead of his Mama. He really does not like that. And after taking care of Archer, one thing leads to another, dinner is served, the kitchen is clean, Archer happened to fall asleep with Daddy, Jackson is watching TV, and I get a quiet moment with my neglected laptop.

So, from our busy day I got a couple cute pictures.

Hot Rod

Hot Rod

Cutsie Tootsie

Cutsie Tootsie