Up To My Ears

September 23, 2009

I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks with orders, Jackson starting school, and the normal stuff that goes with parenting and home owning. Knitting leg warmers is what’s on my To Do list, and as these things get checked off of the list I get paid. So, I am trying to make knitting a “top” priority. Top meaning it falls after running after a crawling baby that is putting everything in his mouth, after sitting and helping Jackson with his new workbook, after meals are made and the kitchen is clean, BUT before so many other things. Knitting comes before painting my toe nails and mowing the yard. Pretty easy considering I never paint my toes. As for the grass … I’m pretty sure that is normally kicked off of the list and replaced with going to the park. So, unfortunately, the leg warmer output is slow going, but assuredly quality.

P.S. I made a cute little skirt for my friend’s daughter. She is now 1 year old!


Ode to the blanket

March 18, 2009

Archer was given a beautiful blanket that was hand-made by my wonderful friend Annie. Now that Archer has been around for 5 weeks, (wow) this time has allowed me to fall in love not only with my new son, but this blanket! First of all she could not have picked better colors. And I need to remember to ask her if she was even aware of the sex of our babe when she started this project. Second, the size is perfect. It’s pretty big for a baby blanket, but now that I’ve used it, all the others we have seem too small. Thirdly, it’s soft. I’ve become so fond of this blanket, that I really don’t use any others. (This may change as the weather gets warmer) I wait until it’s had one too many spit ups on it, wash it, and return it to it’s rightful owner–Archer.

Thank you Annie!