Moving my Blog

December 14, 2009

Yes, I’m moving my blog, again. But, it’s the last time I swear! I thought it would be easier to tie my blog, website, and Etsy shop into one place online. So, if you are looking for me, everything I’m doing is in ONE spot, now.


And keep this address bookmarked!


New Item

December 8, 2009

I started making something new that I am now selling in my Etsy shop. iPhone cases! Well, actually, this case will fit quite a few different devices. Check out my listings, if you are curious. I’ve had my own for a while, and decided to solidify a specific style to make and sell. The design I came up with has 2 pockets and is enclosed with a flap and vintage button. (By the way, I finally looked up how to sew a button hole. Turns out, the machine I use makes button hole sewing easier than I was instructed. All you do is choose the button hole setting, attach the correct foot, adjust for button size, and GO! It sews the whole button hole with a touch of a button! SO EXCITING!) The inner lining is a charcoal color felt. The pockets are deep enough for your ID, cards, and some cash. The second pocket can also be used for ear buds. Here’s the one I’ve been using!

At My Shop

November 27, 2009

I forgot to mention last night, that I will be having FREE shipping on all the items in my Etsy shop over the weekend. If you need a sling or any custom order, let me know!

Brown Linen Ring Sling


November 27, 2009

Tomorrow is Black Friday. To some, this means getting up before the sun, shoving your way through crowds of crazed shoppers, standing in long lines, and most importantly getting a SALE! This whole idea sounds pretty unappealing to me, but some people love it–my husband being one of them. I don’t get it. Anyway, I’ve got the remedy for anyone who wants the sale, but not the crazy shopping trip. Shop online! Etsy is full of sales from Black Friday until Cyber Monday. My team on Etsy, The Busy Moms Team, is offering quite a bit of special offers this weekend. Check out the entire team’s listings here, and check out these lovely pieces I found.

Newborn Gift Set


Kids Room Octopus Painting

Adjustable Coffee Cozy

Bird Appliqued Play Quilt

Snowflake Holiday Greeting Card

Happy Shopping!

With Teeth!

November 25, 2009

Today was the average day at the ranch. Jackson, Archer, and I rolled out bed and did the normal getting ready stuff: shower, eat, let Ruby out, play, etc. John came home for lunch. He came a bit early, so he cleaned out a cabinet in the kitchen that has been unopened since we moved in. It was full of beer mugs and random glasses that we obviously don’t need. So, yet another box of stuff to sell at the planned WAY in advance garage sale next summer. Purging our house of junk has been the trend lately. I went through my dresser and closet and cut my wardrobe in half. It felt glorious! I can actually see what I have to wear! I can easily open drawers! We also tackled the enormous job of organizing the boys’ clothes. The complexities of this process are astounding! We’ve got boxes of clothes to go through to either save for Archer, give them to a cousin, throw them into Jackson’s mix, donate them, or keep for sentimental reasons. All this requires a lot of looking at tags and trying to figure out who will be that big and when. It took some serious determination, but we are DONE! We are just going crazy with this organizing kick. We even have closets that are clean and easily accessible. This is so not like us.

Back to today! After lunch, we drove John to work and then Jackson to school. Arch and I came home for what I thought would be his nap time and my me time, but he had other plans. We hung out, played, then he finally slept for a little while. 2:40 rolled around, so I woke him up and we got ready to get brother. While I was walking around the house Ruby proofing (our dog loves trash, loves scattering dog and cat food, and LOVES to lay on forbidden furniture when we leave), Archer was in his normal spot, my hip, and was chewing on my finger. And behold! A tooth! He got his first tooth today! He’s 9 months old and is just now sprouting teeth. I am so excited! So far he has been pleasant. Maybe he’ll get lucky and the teething process will be pain free. Or, should I say maybe I will get lucky.

Happy 9 Months, Archer!


November 20, 2009

The other night I attended a seminar with the purpose of introducing the community to the new Certified Nurse Midwife that will be working at the Clarian Arnett Hospital. This will be the first CNM to work at a hospital in our area. What an amazing breakthrough! Welcome, Sharon Smith, CNM! My hope is that the demand for care from a Midwife will rise, and the hospital will hire more. Our community is in dire need of some change and improvement upon prenatal and childbirth care. Like I have said before, our choices until now have been fairly black and white.

The evening started with a dinner. I sat at a table with a friend, and a few very nice women I had just met. One was a NICU nurse, another a Lactation Consultant, and the other a Doula. The conversation was great! Following the dinner, Sharon began her talk, starting with a brief history of Midwifery. One thing she pointed out was the meaning of Midwife: ‘with woman’. She went over her credentials and where she got her education. She received her Masters of Science in nursing in Nurse-Midwifery at the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing. She has over 10 years experience working with women during pregnancy and childbirth and other life transitions.

The next portion of her talk was focused on what services she will offer to the community. They are as follows:

Routine Obstetrics
Support for Natural Childbirth
Health Education and Preventative Care
Preconception Care
Family Planning
Routine Gynecology

With these services the patient will be introduced to a more individualized and higher level of care. A Midwife’s philosophy is to focus on prevention and education. This would mean more of a collaborative relationship between her and the patient. She will offer advice for staying healthy by paying attention to nutrition and exercise. Concerning pregnancy and childbirth, the woman is encouraged to participate more in decision making. The Midwife will work with the mother to keep her pregnancy low-risk and give her the opportunity to decide how she would like to bring her child into the world. A Midwife’s view of pregnancy and birth is that it is a normal process. All of this means more time spent with mom. I love this. The small amount of time I spent with my previous OB always seemed oddly short. After my experience with a Midwife, I was immediately drawn to her model of care.

So, if you choose to use a Midwife for your child’s birth, and your goal is for a natural birth, she will work with you to try and avoid any unnecessary interventions while laboring. A Midwife is quick to try all other options before it comes down to using an intervention such as an epidural, an episiotomy, or a vacuum. This does not mean if you decide to use some sort of labor augmentation that she won’t support you. The choices you make for your birth are still in your hands, and the Midwife will stick with you throughout the course of labor and birth. She will also remain with you for postpartum care. She will stay to assure you and baby are doing well and breastfeeding (if that is the plan) has been initiated.

Overall, I feel the that the support you get when using a Midwife is tremendous. You get the education and preparation you need to fulfill your plans for pregnancy and birth. And you get a care provider that listens and supports you in your decisions for your family.

Go Team!

November 17, 2009

Jackson has been blessed with a Grandpa and Daddy that love taking him to sporting events. He’s been to numerous Purdue basketball and football games, and this year he has made it to quite a few professional games. He’s seen The Chicago White Sox, The Indianapolis Indians, The Indianapolis Colts, and just recently The Indiana Pacers! (Is it obvious that we live in the Midwest?) Anyway, I am just thrilled that he gets to go do all this fun stuff. Here are some pictures from a few of the games.

White Sox

Go Purdue!

Go Colts!


Bloomington Handmade Market!

November 16, 2009

This Saturday we plan on going down to Bloomington for the Handmade Market. I can’t wait to see what they have! There will be over 40 local and regional artists, so there should be quite a range of different art. I only wish I had a million dollars to spend at this event!

If you get a chance come down! And if you do, go buy all of this girl’s stuff. She’s a sweety!

Here’s the info you need:

Saturday, November 21
from 10am-4pm
at the John Waldron Arts Center,
located at 4th and College in downtown Bloomington, IN

Or visit here for even more info! The website has a list of the vendors that will be there. Check them out!


Formula Fed America

November 15, 2009

I MUST see this film. I am beyond thrilled that a movie is being made about the issue of Americans not breastfeeding. My hope is that we are making a turnaround. Check out the trailer for the movie, and visit the official website. Here is a wonderful quote I found on the home page.

When we trust the makers of baby formula more than we do our own ability to nourish our babies, we lose a chance to claim an aspect of our power as women. Thinking that baby formula is as good as breast milk is believing that thirty years of technology is superior to three million years of nature’s evolution. Countless women have regained trust in their bodies through nursing their children, even if they weren’t sure at first that they could do it. It is an act of female power, and I think of it as feminism in its purest form.

–Christine Northrup MD

Buy Handmade

November 13, 2009

I’m not sure if any of you are aware, but it’s already November! It seems like just last week all the leaves were green, we were thinking about mowing our yard, and plans for our weekends were to go swimming. Well now, the leaves are suddenly gone, the air is chilly, and Christmas is just around the corner.

With the holidays coming, this means most of us are doing more shopping. We, of course, haven’t started, but we are at least talking about it. So, while perusing the wonderful world of Etsy, I found quite a few things that would be great gifts. I put together a treasury of the highlights from my search to give you an idea of what really neat things you can find. My search was for Eco-Friendly items. Maybe this will get more people to consider buying green as well as handmade for the holidays.

And here we go!


Paper or Plastic? No, Thank You.