Stimulate Your Mind

August 20, 2009

I know I post way too often about mommy stuff, but hey, my life is full of mommy things to talk about. Maybe in a year or so, I’ll start posting about interesting books that I’ve read or some band I happened to see that rocked the heezy. (It’s hard to believe that I will EVER get the time to read a book again in my life. I mean, there’s time, but it’s usually spent doing other things that are easier done without a 17 pound baby in my right arm.) For now, my lovely readers, you get mommy stuff.

I am starting to wonder if keeping my oldest home with me is the best thing for him. He’s got more energy than any child you will ever meet, and if not used constructively, we have problems. Not major problems, but it ends up with me yelling. Really, it’s my fault. I need to be giving him activities, and keeping him busy. He’s SUCH a smart little boy, and he’s starving to learn. My new goal (which I had this idea in mind before Archer came along) is to have more learning activities for Jackson. Maybe printing out some worksheets, playing more stimulating games on the internet, and more direction on his art projects. We do all of these things now, but they are few and far between. I think it’s time to be consistently offering projects for him to do. I am also looking into a music class for Jackson. It seems like something he would love. There really isn’t much that he doesn’t love, other than naps and green stuff for dinner. And maybe, the year prior to kindergarten, we could try finding a good preschool in the area to have him attend a few days a week. I really think he needs the constant stimulation and socialization. He is most definitely a people person. Everyone we see is our friend and he MUST know their name. Today, he decided it was a good idea to yell out the car window across the parking lot to an older gentlemen. I decided that it actually wasn’t the best idea. He’ll figure out this meeting people thing one of these days.

Anyway, I would really appreciate any ideas for activities at home or websites that you found interesting for an almost 4 year old. And, if anyone could recommend a preschool, that would be wonderful!