I’m a bit late on this post. We have had quite a bit going on lately, and I totally missed out on posting on the day of this amazing milestone.

Anyway, hooray for ‘The Arch’–as he’s known around here–you are a big boy! It’s been in the last 2 weeks that he has surprised me everyday with how much he changes. He’s not my little newborn anymore. It’s awesome to see him grow, but a little sad to see his baby days race by so quickly.


This is how old Archer is as I begin this post. I can’t believe he is (or almost is) 3 months old already! (Not sure whether to count weeks or go by dates) Archer is such a sweet baby. He has recently discovered his amazing hands. He has found that they are VERY fun to suck and chew on, and has also used them for batting at toys. Another discovery is conversation. He usually has quite a bit to say, and is extremely excited to tell me his stories. Archer really is growing so fast.