The Best Day Ever

September 18, 2009

This morning Jackson started up his beautiful and LOUD singing voice while I was making breakfast. He was singing a song that has one line repeated over and over to infinity. He picked it up from a Spongebob episode. The wonderful line of this song is, “It’s the best day e-e-eve-e-e-er!”. So I asked Jackson what he would do on his “best day ever”. His response:

“I would go to Happy Hollow Park. I would go grocery shopping. I would feed Archer a bottle. And, I would give Archer high fives.”


One Response to “The Best Day Ever”

  1. Anne Says:

    OMG with the Spongebob! All of our students are in love with the Sponge.

    My only complaint is that either he or another character must denigrate themself because a couple of our students will walk around muttering, “I’m so stupid!” and other such self-put-downs. It’s rather disconcerting, as I think lots of kids watch this show. Talk about bad role models for self-esteem!

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