New Item

December 8, 2009

I started making something new that I am now selling in my Etsy shop. iPhone cases! Well, actually, this case will fit quite a few different devices. Check out my listings, if you are curious. I’ve had my own for a while, and decided to solidify a specific style to make and sell. The design I came up with has 2 pockets and is enclosed with a flap and vintage button. (By the way, I finally looked up how to sew a button hole. Turns out, the machine I use makes button hole sewing easier than I was instructed. All you do is choose the button hole setting, attach the correct foot, adjust for button size, and GO! It sews the whole button hole with a touch of a button! SO EXCITING!) The inner lining is a charcoal color felt. The pockets are deep enough for your ID, cards, and some cash. The second pocket can also be used for ear buds. Here’s the one I’ve been using!



November 1, 2009

Today was pretty productive. John was a lovely man and took the boys out so I could get some work done. He also took a ton of really great pictures of me and a friend modeling my slings. If you get a chance, check out my newly renovated Etsy shop. I got all of my slings up and have added a few miscellaneous items.

Tales of how Halloween went for Jackson, I mean The Green Lantern, are to come.

Sling #4

October 23, 2009

This is one of the core designs I plan to use for future slings. The stitching looks like a vine with leaves. I used this on the top of the pocket and on the sides and bottom of the sling. I placed the pocket off from the center on the tail. I stuck with the accordion fold for the shoulder. And, the length is around 75 inches; a medium size.

This sling is made from a Pistachio color pure softened linen with accenting thread in SageIMG_0720IMG_0718IMG_0722. Yay!


May 15, 2009

Ever since my sister-in-law so graciously let me borrow her sewing machine, I have been using it daily. You could say I have become slightly addicted to sewing. It’s a safe and rewarding addiction to have, though. Here are a few of the things I have been working on. There are quite a few imperfections in these projects, but overall, I am totally excited about these pieces. Check them out! The first three are clutch purses, and the last is a simple tote. (I haven’t finished adding buttons to 2 of the purses.)

Crafty McCrafterton

May 1, 2009

Tonight I will go out to my sister-in-law’s farm to get her sewing machine. She is letting me borrow it for a month to get some of my projects ready for the craft show I will be at in June. I am pumped!

I am ready to create! My ideas are:

-adding funky fabric to cloth diapers for either diaper or burp cloth use
-adding elbow and knee patches to baby pants and shirts
-large purses/diaper bags