With Teeth!

November 25, 2009

Today was the average day at the ranch. Jackson, Archer, and I rolled out bed and did the normal getting ready stuff: shower, eat, let Ruby out, play, etc. John came home for lunch. He came a bit early, so he cleaned out a cabinet in the kitchen that has been unopened since we moved in. It was full of beer mugs and random glasses that we obviously don’t need. So, yet another box of stuff to sell at the planned WAY in advance garage sale next summer. Purging our house of junk has been the trend lately. I went through my dresser and closet and cut my wardrobe in half. It felt glorious! I can actually see what I have to wear! I can easily open drawers! We also tackled the enormous job of organizing the boys’ clothes. The complexities of this process are astounding! We’ve got boxes of clothes to go through to either save for Archer, give them to a cousin, throw them into Jackson’s mix, donate them, or keep for sentimental reasons. All this requires a lot of looking at tags and trying to figure out who will be that big and when. It took some serious determination, but we are DONE! We are just going crazy with this organizing kick. We even have closets that are clean and easily accessible. This is so not like us.

Back to today! After lunch, we drove John to work and then Jackson to school. Arch and I came home for what I thought would be his nap time and my me time, but he had other plans. We hung out, played, then he finally slept for a little while. 2:40 rolled around, so I woke him up and we got ready to get brother. While I was walking around the house Ruby proofing (our dog loves trash, loves scattering dog and cat food, and LOVES to lay on forbidden furniture when we leave), Archer was in his normal spot, my hip, and was chewing on my finger. And behold! A tooth! He got his first tooth today! He’s 9 months old and is just now sprouting teeth. I am so excited! So far he has been pleasant. Maybe he’ll get lucky and the teething process will be pain free. Or, should I say maybe I will get lucky.

Happy 9 Months, Archer!


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