Sick Day

August 26, 2009

We are having a sick day at the Fry household. Jackson woke us all up getting sick EVERYWHERE! He’s totally fine today, but we thought we’d have an easy going “sick” day anyway. This means the TV has been on since 10am (when we finally rolled out of bed), I am still in pajamas, and no one is obligated to do ANYTHING!

I got bored after Archer has somehow managed to be napping for almost 2 hours. I’ve been running back and forth to the bedroom to check on him because I keep hearing phantom cries, but every time, he’s sound asleep.

So, I went around the house taking pictures of what the fam is doing on this glorious day.

And Lionel? He’s probably chillin’ at one our neighbors’ houses.



July 18, 2009

Since I am so lucky to get to spend so much time with my kids, I have been able to get some wonderful photos of them.

He's got to be teething

He's got to be teething

Relaxing at Grandmas

Relaxing at Grandmas

We see so many pretty flowers on our walks.

We see so many pretty flowers on our walks.

He said he wasn't tired.

He said he wasn't tired.

Soaking up the rays.

Soaking up the rays.

Seriously, how do they do it? I’ve only been without my husband for 4 days, and I am soooo ready to get John back home! I didn’t even go one day without visiting family. I knew that while John was on this trip I would have a new found appreciation for single parents. I had a moment at dinner that surely arises in every household; a child refusing to eat dinner. After a near meltdown–for Jackson and me–the thought crossed my mind to just let him get his way so that I could have a peaceful meal and put an end to the madness. But, that was a quickly passing thought. Instead, I decided to persevere through this tantrum and convince Jackson that he does like the meal I made. He ended up eating it with some bribery involving chocolate chip cookies.

Bribery is ok, right?

My Hiatus

July 8, 2009

I just got back from a 4 day reunion with my extended family that came from Louisiana and other parts of Indiana. We all stayed at my mom’s house, which has been the tradition since my grandmother was the matriarch of the house. The house is on the lake, and is large enough to cram a few families in to stay for a few days. Playing on the lake with my crazy family is one of my fondest memories and most favorite things to do. We ski, we swim, we throw each other off of wave runners … fun is had by all.

Another activity that my family enjoys is a good debate. I sometimes participate, but it’s usually a discussion that involves my Uncle Irwin, Uncle Bill, Aunt Peggy, and my cousin Kevin. You would think that after all these years they have already said all there is to say about their opinion on abortion or war or WHATEVER, but they have not. These debates will go on until the end of time! Sitting down to listen to them is another one of my favorite things.

This year was a little more hectic than prior reunions; we had a FULL house! To give you an idea of the insanity I just endured, I will list off who stayed in the house and where. My mom and her husband stayed in her bedroom, my brother slept on a blow up mattress in the sun room by the deck, an Aunt and Uncle stayed in my brother’s old room, my cousin and his girlfriend stayed in the living room, John, Jackson, Archer, and I stayed in the front porch area on another blow up mattress, and upstairs in my old room were my cousin and his wife with 2 little ones, and my other Aunt and Uncle. Oh my GOD was it crazy! But, it was fun and wonderful to see how the family has grown.

Now, I am back home getting our lives back to normal. John is on a business trip and won’t be home until Friday. So, I’m trying to keep busy and sane with my boys before he returns. I am going to attempt to get groceries soon. That should be a good time … or really stressful! I could wait for other family members nearby to get off of work to watch Jackson while I shop, but we are out of so many necessities, that I can’t wait.

For Your Enjoyment

June 29, 2009

I haven’t posted in a while. Not really sure why, I’ve had lots of totally fun stuff happening. I just haven’t felt like pausing to document them, I guess. So here are photos I have saved from the past few weeks. I don’t plan on doing a whole lot of blogging in the next month because I will be having way too much fun, so I will be posting pictures periodically for your enjoyment!

The 3 amigos, Archer, Jackson, and Lionel Richie.

June 29, 2009

Contemplating …

June 29, 2009

My boys.

Dress Up!

June 11, 2009

Well, I am pulling things together at the last minute, once again. John’s cousin Danny and his lovely lady are due to have a new baby girl in August (I think), so I made a dress for the baby shower gift. The baby shower is Saturday, so this gift may be a bit late, but I’m not too worried about it. Here are the results from a “hard” day of work and not changing out of my pajama pants! (You might notice a certain someone we all know modeling this beautiful dress for me!)

I really need to apologize to my first born baby Jackson. He has not made it into my posts recently as much as his little brother. Well, Jackson, those days of uneven offspring posts are over. Blog readers need just as many updates about you as they do your brother!

So, today we visited Horticultural Park. John and I love this park for a few reasons. I have fond memories with friends from this park and both John and I share the bittersweet memories of playing fetch with Rockie there. To add to this, the park is just gorgeous with zillions of trees and beautiful plants. It has taken quite a few visits to this park to convince Jackson that it’s a cool place to be. He sees no play equipment and wonders why we are there, and why are we referring to this boring place as a park? Well, today he had a wonderful time at this so-called “park”. We took a walk through the woods. This was Jackson’s chance to take his family on an adventure of monster fighting. He had magic sticks for us to combat these monsters, as well as secret paths to either sneak up on or avoid these monsters. He had such a good time. I love that his imagination is growing. I’ve always thought it to be very important to have a large imagination. It’s like exercise for the brain. My Jackson is a smart little boy. He’s amazing.

Best Saturday Ever

April 25, 2009

Yesterday was an awesome start to our weekend. Jackson, Archer, and I spent most of the day outside enjoying the breezy 80 degree weather. I got some yard work done, hung blankets out to dry (one of my favorite things), and brought all the plants crowding my kitchen counters out for some well deserved sun and rain. The evening was also wonderful with the breeze picking up and coming through our OPEN windows. Archer and I made a late run to the grocers to grab the essentials:

strawberries (for my first attempt at making a pie: strawberry rhubarb)

and … !!!

fudge pops!

When we got home John was grilling chicken legs. So, with my appetite that so closely resembles that of a pregnant woman, I went ahead and gave in to my cravings and thoroughly enjoyed a fudge pop, 3 chicken legs, and another fudge pop for good measure.

Today, is said to be (by me) the best Saturday ever. We have plans to finish prettying our yard, clean house, and then go over to some friends’ house for gardening and probably some wine.

Yay for warm weather!