If We Did It Again

October 28, 2009

Recently, I was given the news from a good friend that she is pregnant. (!) I am so thrilled for her. She is a wonderful mother, a great friend, and I am glad that I get to be around for this pregnancy.

So, from this news, the birth blogs I read, and of course, the people everywhere I look having babies, I am thinking about pregnancy and birth. I have been fantasizing of the things I would do if we happened to get pregnant again. And, I know this sounds like the beginnings of a decision to have more babies; I assure you that is not where this is going!

Anyway! If a new baby were to come along, I would want to document the pregnancy much more than I did the previous ones. I would take the weekly belly photo, and probably post it on my blog. Exercise! I would exercise! During my first pregnancy, I exercised much more than the second. I took walks and kept fairly active the whole time. For the second, I got lazy. I had no desire to get off of the couch, chair, bed, whatever. Towards the middle, I did do a bit of exercise that was required for The Bradley Method class. Squats and pelvic rocks don’t compare to walking a mile, though.

As for prenatal care, we would most definitely go with our Midwife, again. She was absolutely wonderful. It would be nice to go through all of the prenatal care with her. Last time, we were with an OB up until about week 30 and then made the switch to our Midwife. The quality of care you get from an OB doesn’t even compare to that of a Midwife. You actually spend time talking with a Midwife; you learn things. With an OB, you are in and out of the room within five minutes. You get to hear the heartbeat and are sent home.

With the choice to have a Midwife, this means we would be planning a home birth. I wouldn’t have it any other way after our experience with Archer’s birth. The only thing I would want to change would be more pictures and possibly a video of the birth. I would also like to have close friends and family there.

So, there you go. This is just something that’s been on my mind, so I had to get it out. Now, back to enjoying my 2 boys, and no more of this crazy talk about more babies!


Baby Clothes

July 29, 2009

I FINALLY went through Archer’s heap of majorly disorganized clothes today. I sorted the piles into shirts, onesies, pants, shorts, sleepers, and jackets. Everything under 6 months got tossed into a pile that will undoubtedly sit around the house for a couple months before it is donated. Organizing tiny clothing is one of my most favorite things to do. It’s a time to sit and reflect on how quickly life changes. Today, I was reminded of all the preparation for baby Jackson. I was SO excited when I was pregnant with him. We had just moved in to a new house and had painted a room just for him. He had a dresser full of clothes waiting for him. Not to mention how anxiously we were waiting for him! I made the mistake of taking the last month off from work, and then was 11 days overdue! You can imagine the eternity that lived inside those weeks. But, then my sweet baby arrived, and all was wonderful.

So, anyway, Archer’s clothes. He had all of these CUTE onesies that he hardly ever wore because he is so tall and grew out of them at like 3 weeks or something. Cloth diapers also add quite a bit of length to him. I decided to try cutting off the bottom snappy part of the onesies to make shirts. The first one turned out ok; it’s pretty short, but it works for wearing around the house. It also works for making Archer look absolutely adorable!


Over the course of just 4 days, Archer has grown so much. He started taking naps longer than 20 minutes! He actually let me lay him down for an hour or more! This was amazing. Arch also dozed off a few times with my Aunts. He has hardly ever fallen asleep without me.

And now for the food news. Archer LOVES food. I let him try green beans, spinach, banana, apple, and watermelon. He loved all of it. I was so excited for him.

My Archer is growing so fast, in 3 days he will be 5 months!

June 29, 2009

Sleepy Cottage Cheese Butt.

Dress Up!

June 11, 2009

Well, I am pulling things together at the last minute, once again. John’s cousin Danny and his lovely lady are due to have a new baby girl in August (I think), so I made a dress for the baby shower gift. The baby shower is Saturday, so this gift may be a bit late, but I’m not too worried about it. Here are the results from a “hard” day of work and not changing out of my pajama pants! (You might notice a certain someone we all know modeling this beautiful dress for me!)

Time is flying

May 29, 2009

So, I’ve been busting my behind to get stuff ready for the upcoming craft show, and just remembered I will also be vending at a local baby fair. So, hopefully I will be ready for this baby fair. (Actually, it would be lovely if I weren’t ready for it because that would mean I sold out of my stuff at the craft show! Good problems to have.)

Anyway, this is my first effort to get the info out about the baby fair. It will be awesome! If you don’t believe me, check out the events and vendors in the day’s agenda.

If you are a parent, you should go!

Apparently taking a series of diluted bleach water baths will relieve Eczema for children. A recent study was done on children ranging in age from 6 months to 17 years showing

“such rapid improvement in eczema and infection symptoms that the researchers stopped the study early, so that children in the placebo group could get the same amount of relief.”

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m never a big fan of using chemicals on skin, especially my child’s. While it’s great these kids are getting some relief, I wonder what side effects or problems down the road will sprout from these chemical baths.

You definitely won’t catch my kids in a study like this.


April 21, 2009

Today I went to a seminar about elimination communication at the local natural food market. I had been planning to start ‘EC’ with Archer after doing some reading and seeing a friend successfully go diaper free with her little girl. For us, it seems like a natural option. After the talk today, I decided that we are ready to start. Hearing this mother’s experience about going diaper free with her 3 children, helped me to realize that Archer and I have already been on our way to being diaper free. I’ve been picking up on his cues, and have now found other signs that I didn’t see as cues before, but now am aware. I have had the ‘phantom pee’ sensation, I have experienced him being fussy in the evenings and not becoming satisfied with eating, sleeping, rocking, walking, or anything, and I have also been experiencing a sort of ‘disturbed nursing’ where he nurses, stops, nurses some more, but never really settles down to enjoy his meal. All these signs have been Archer trying to tell me he needs to potty. So, tonight I successfully picked up on a few cues, and have pottied him 3 times already!

One thing that encouraged me today was when the speaker was talking about the 3 things that young babies do–eat, sleep, poop. So, if they aren’t satisfied with eating or sleeping, your next option is the potty. Babies are born with the ability to voluntarily eliminate, and they naturally do not enjoy sitting in their own pee and poop. What we do is train babies to get used to sitting in their pee, and then at the age society has chosen to be the time to start using the potty, we are essentially telling them to un-learn what we have been teaching them since they were born. I think it will be easier using EC than potty training my 2 year old. And, after becoming aware of the fact that babies can control their bowels and would prefer to not sit in them, I don’t feel right about letting Archer sit in his wet diaper. I would much rather respond to his needs by letting him potty somewhere other than in his pants.

In other cultures using EC is the norm. Our 3 and 4 year olds running around in pull-ups is ridiculous to mothers in many other counties. Of course, in third world countries this is what they do and have always done. They wear their babies and are close enough with them to pick up on their cues for when they need to eat or potty. Fortunately, I am able to stay at home with Archer. I’ll have the time to bond with him and respond to his elimination needs.

To me, this is just another way to give my son everything he needs to be happy and healthy.