November 1, 2009

Today was pretty productive. John was a lovely man and took the boys out so I could get some work done. He also took a ton of really great pictures of me and a friend modeling my slings. If you get a chance, check out my newly renovated Etsy shop. I got all of my slings up and have added a few miscellaneous items.

Tales of how Halloween went for Jackson, I mean The Green Lantern, are to come.


2 Responses to “Look”

  1. Renay Cohen Says:

    Hey Katie, its your cousin (David’s wife). Ok, so I am totally impressed with your blog and Etsy’s website. I had NO idea you are so crafty! I love the slings you make, wish I had a baby young enough to put in one. I started quilting and sewing about six months ago (boredom in Malaysia – lol) and have really started to enjoy it. I am digging the cute skirt you made for your friend – now I can totally see Aubrey in it! Hope all is well, your kids are beautiful – I can’t believe how grown up Jackson is. Jonathan just turned 5! Man – time flies! Hope to talk to you soon, and if its ok, I would like to follow your blog.

    • mamakates Says:

      Thanks Renay! It’s so nice to hear from you. I didn’t remember how close in age Jonathon and Jackson are. We will have to exchange e-mails and catch up! I would love to hear about Malaysia.

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