Poor Jeff

October 29, 2009

If you want to know how to confuse an olderish cat, you have come to the right place. At our house we have 2 cats. Jefferson is the older kitty and Lionel Richie is just about a year old. We are lucky enough to have cats that will come back if we let them outside, so we let them come and go as they please through the cat door. (This cat door was sadly probably one of the selling points when we were looking at this house.) These cats also like to follow us on walks. Lionel will come with us for the entirety of a walk and make it home safely. Jeff, on the other hand, has always stuck closer to home. And closer to home means that he will only visit the surrounding block. And by visiting I mean, laying on neighbors’ cars, eating food neighbors leave out because they assume these weird cats are strays (even when they are obviously fed), and of course, going into our neighbors’ homes! Well, for some reason Jefferson decided to leave his comfort zone to see just where it is we go when we walk down the street. We are normally going to visit John’s parents who are not too far away. While we were there one evening, we were spotted! Jefferson caught us at another person’s house! From that day on, we saw less and less of Jeff. Finally, one day I was trying to remember the last time I had seen him, and I couldn’t remember. It turns out he had reclaimed his territory at my in-laws/their neighbors. John’s parents kept seeing Jeff outside asking to come in. We are friends with my in-laws’ neighbors, so I gave her a call to see if Jefferson had been visiting at her house. She told me she had thought he was a stray and had been feeding him. She said it had crossed her mind that we had a black and white cat, but dismissed the thought to ask if it was ours because it was quite far for a cat to go. And why would he always be around if he lived with us?! Well, I guess we confused the old kitty, and he thought we moved. Or something? Anyway, Jeff is back. We picked him up at my in-laws’ house and brought him home. So I think he has figured out that we still live here, and plans to stick around. I hope.


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