Baby Clothes

July 29, 2009

I FINALLY went through Archer’s heap of majorly disorganized clothes today. I sorted the piles into shirts, onesies, pants, shorts, sleepers, and jackets. Everything under 6 months got tossed into a pile that will undoubtedly sit around the house for a couple months before it is donated. Organizing tiny clothing is one of my most favorite things to do. It’s a time to sit and reflect on how quickly life changes. Today, I was reminded of all the preparation for baby Jackson. I was SO excited when I was pregnant with him. We had just moved in to a new house and had painted a room just for him. He had a dresser full of clothes waiting for him. Not to mention how anxiously we were waiting for him! I made the mistake of taking the last month off from work, and then was 11 days overdue! You can imagine the eternity that lived inside those weeks. But, then my sweet baby arrived, and all was wonderful.

So, anyway, Archer’s clothes. He had all of these CUTE onesies that he hardly ever wore because he is so tall and grew out of them at like 3 weeks or something. Cloth diapers also add quite a bit of length to him. I decided to try cutting off the bottom snappy part of the onesies to make shirts. The first one turned out ok; it’s pretty short, but it works for wearing around the house. It also works for making Archer look absolutely adorable!



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