December 31, 2008

This year has been pretty eventful for us…

…We visited New York
visted Louisiana
had a booth at the local farmer’s market
got pregnant with our second child
quit smoking
bought a house
watched our son grow
became a sole proprioter
had an enormous birthday party for our son
lost friends
became closer to other friends
made new friends
had friends move away
had friends move closer
had family move closer (1 block away to be exact!)
took birthing class
planned for a home birth
decided I would quit my job and stay home
got a new kittie
lost a young family member
watched my dad transition back into a dad for his grandson
kept in better contact with family in other states
sent out Christmas cards for the first time
watched John’s hair and beard grow longer than ever!
buzzed my son’s hair
got rid of my locks
gained weight
watched friends join the army
started a blog…

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